Ksenia Stanishevski
mob:    + 47 99 03 82 82
email:   info@2form.no
Løkkeveien 9 0523 OSLO NORWAY


2Form is a Norwegian design studio based in Oslo, Norway with production in India. 
Each product is hand-made. We use and combine both traditional and new techniques, such as hand knitting, hand tufting, felting, weaving, laser-cut, digital print and 3D folding. We use natural materials such as natural wool and silk. 
 2Form adheres to and works constantly towards more sustainable practices both concerning  social accountability and environmental impact.


Head designer Ksenia Stanishevski has an artistic background combined with an education in industrial design. Ksenia`s passion for well designed modern rugs led her to establish 2Form in 2005. 2Form is both a business and a playground for Ksenia´s artistic expressions. Ksenia has received multiple important design awards for her work, including Award for Design Excellence, ELLE Decoration Selection, FORUM Design Award Nomination.


The designs indicated ´customizable´ can be adjusted in size, shape and color to suit your individual needs. 
We also develop entirely new unique products both for home and commercial spaces to suit the specific place and your wishes. We have a record of custom design collaboration projects with several renown architects and always welcome such opportunities. 
At our disposition are 1600 colors to choose from and diverse production technique such as laser cutting, felting, hand tufting, embroidery etc. and yarn to achieve the desired artistic and functional goals of your project. The carpet will be sent into production only after the design and price is confirmed by the client. 


We always welcome new business partnerships. If you are a shop, agent and interior architect interested in collaboration please contact our office at info@2form.no and we will provide you with special terms. 


We deliver to most national and international destinations and endeavor to send all orders by the quickest route possible. 
Average delivery: 8- 12 weeks. 
If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it to us within 30 days of receipt and exchange it – provided that the original item is returned complete and in perfect condition with the original packaging. 2Form will cover the cost of shipping within Norway, but charges may be incurred for shipping outside Norway. Read our Terms & Conditions for more details.
To return an item for any reason, you must contact us first on +47 99038282 to let us know. We will then arrange for a carrier to collect the item from you.
We appreciate if you can inform us about the reason of the return so that we can improve our products and services. 


Persian carpets masters would put new carpets under the herd of horses to weary off the new yarn. After washing the carpets would obtain new shine and rustic luxury. 
Handmade rugs are highly durable and can be passed over in generations. They can endure regular cleaning and washing. 
We recommend normal vacuum cleaning with no brush. If you got a stain or spillage on the carpet wipe it off fast with a soft cloth and apply soft soap with warm water. If you have an accident with serious spillage please contact a professional carpet cleaner in your area. 

New rugs can shed a bit of fluff, which is just excess fibres that were not properly incorporated into the yarn during spinning. This is normal, and extra fluff wool cease within some time. We recommend to vacuum a rug a bit more often first two months. 
Occasionally some separate longer threads might protrude.  It just means that the thread did not attach in a knot or on canvas and is not any damage of the carpet. Cut those threads with sharp scissors. 

Yarn is dyed and prepared by hand, therefore the surface is not even. This effect "abrash" is a quality sign of handmade carpets, and gives the surface more play and character. 
2Form uses resistant dyes. However, colors might fade over time if exposed to strong sunlight. We recommend to turn the carpet from time to time and relocate furniture on the surface of the rug.